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General Questions  

  • Are garage sales allowed in Sydney Harbour?
    Spring and Fall community garage sales take place annually.  Additional garage sales are allowed but please keep in mind this brings in more traffic and could add to security problems.  If you do have additional garage sale, please remove your signs immediately upon completion. Please check the website (sydneyharbourhoa.org), Sydney Harbour's FaceBook page (Sydney Harbour Homeowners Association) or our newsletter for dates and times.
  • Are there special restrictions for trash pick-up?
    Per the deed restrictions, trash should not be placed by the curb before 6:00 pm on the evening before trash/recycle pickup.  Visit www.best-trash.com for more information.
  • Do I need to obtain approval before painting my house?
    Yes, even if painting the existing color.  All building structures and other improvements altered, erected or placed in the subdivision must be applied for and approved by the Architectural Control Committee before work commences. The process of how to get your work approved is explained in the approved  Architectural Guidelines.  You may print the Exterior Change Application, or you may contact, Montage Community Services at sussan.martinez@montagecommunityservices.com or (832-600-4142) for a copy of the requested form. Completed forms should be sent to Montage Community Services, attention: Sussan Martinez.
  • How do I obtain a new pool card?
    If you are a new resident or existing resident and have never received a pool tag, please call 832-600-4142 or email sussan.martinez@montagecommunityservices.com with the Pool form found under the Amenities tab. For replacement cards a fee of $65.00 payable to Sydney Harbour must be submitted before a new card will be issued. Your account must be in good standing to receive an access card. Renters must receive permission for an access card from their landlord.
  • How do I rent the Sydney Harbour swimming pool? (DUE TO COVID-19, THE SWIMMING POOL WILL BE CLOSED DURING THE 2020 SEASON)
    The Sydney Harbour swimming pool is NOT for rent.  It is available to residents only who have obtained a pool card through the Homeowners Association.  A resident cannot have any outstanding fees or deed restrictions.
  • How many guests per resident or family are allowed into the pool at one time. What are the pool rules?
    Only two guests per household are allowed in the pool
    Please see all pool rules and regulations posted on the Sydney Harbour website at
  • How do I rent the clubhouse? (DUE TO THE COVID-19, THE CLUBHOUSE IS NOT FOR RENT)
    Go on the website (sydneyharbourhoa.org) to the calendar to see if the time you want is available.  If it is available, block your time.  An automatic e-mail will be sent to Montage Community Services when you block the calendar.  You should then print the Clubhouse Rental Contract, or contact Montage Community Services for a copy. Complete the form and send it back to Montage Community Services. The rental fee is $300 + a $250 refundable deposit.  Amenities of the clubhouse include a kitchen area with full-sized refrigerator, restrooms and various sized tables and chairs.  A member of the association will contact you to arrange access to the facility at least two (2) days prior to the event, unless otherwise noted. The clubhouse can only be rented by Sydney Harbour residents. The swimming pool is NOT for rent. Rental of the clubhouse for multiple parties, back to back, is not allowed. For more information please call Montage Community Services at 832-600-4142. 
  • How do I report a streetlight outage?
    Center point / Streetlights  (713) 659-2111 (713) 659-3552  (include 6 digit pole # & nearest address) www.centerpointenergy.com/outage
  • When are trash/recycle pick-up days?
    Best Trash  (281) 313-2378
    Garbage service Monday & Thursday
    Recycle service Monday only
  • Who do I contact for water services?
    Cypress Hill MUD # 1 (Eagle Management) (281) 374-8989
    Water & Sewer www.cypresshillmud1.com
  • What color can I stain my dock?
    Specific guidelines have been developed for staining the docks in Sydney Harbour.  See the Dock Stain Policy to understand the complete set of guidelines.  If you use the colors outlined in the guidelines, approval does not have to be received from the ACC.  If you choose to do other than what the guidelines state, you must obtain approval from the ACC before beginning the project.
  • Do I need a permit for a boat?
    Yes.  See the Boat Permit Application attached.  All guidelines are in the permit.
  • How do I report what I feel is a violation of a deed restriction?
    A violation of a deed restriction is something being done against the Deed Restrictions of Sydney Harbour.  All Deed Restrictions are posted on the Sydney Harbour website under Governing Documents.  If you feel a violation is occurring, send an e-mail to Montage Community Services (sussan.martinez@montagecommunityservices.com).  A picture of the violation should be attached.


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