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Architectural Control  
Architectural Control

Before making any exterior improvements/modifications, such as replacing a roof, remodeling, landscaping or any exterior building, exterior painting (even to paint the same color), pools, etc. approval MUST be received BEFORE any type of building or change takes place. Please submit the signed Exterior Improvement Application to the Sydney Harbour ACC Committee for review. The application will be returned to you either approved or denied within 30 days of receiving all required information.  If approved, work may commence immediately. If not approved, work may NOT commence, but you can request a hearing before the committee to explore different options concerning your improvement project.
Please send your completed Exterior Improvement Application to:
7002 Riverbrook Drive, Suite 400
Sugarland, TX  77479
PHONE: 281-232-7659
If you have questions concerning the Improvement Application process, please contact Sussan Martinez, Sydney Harbour Representative for Montage Community Services, at sussan.summers@montagecs.com or call 
To download the Sydney Harbour Exterior Improvement Application and/or Instruction List, Dock Stain Policy, and/or Deed Restrictions Policy in PDF, please refer to the Sydney Harbour website under the Members Section, Governing Documents


How to keep our Community Vibrant
Deed Restrictions in a Nutshell

Lawn Maintenance: Lawns need to be watered, mowed, and edged on a regular basis. Curbs, gutters, sidewalks, and driveways need to be swept and kept neat. Lawn clippings should not be blown or swept into drainage ditches.  Flower beds should be kept free of weeds.
Boats & Recreational Vehicles: Remember boats, trailers, or campers of any kind cannot be stored in public view (i.e. street, driveway, side/back yard).
Properly Park Vehicles: Parking of inoperable vehicles on a lawn or in the street is against the deed restrictions.  No vehicle may be kept or stored on the street for longer than a 24-hr. period.  The continuous parking of multiple cars on the streets located in Sydney Harbour is prohibited.
Screen Trash Container: Trash containers should be stored out of public view until trash day. You may put the container out the evening before your trash pick up day not earlier than 6:00 pm.
Single Family Homes: All homes in Sydney Harbour Community are single family dwellings, no garage apartments or multiple families are allowed.
Animals: No animal or livestock/ poultry of any kind can be raised, bred or kept on any lot except dogs, cats or other common household pets and no more than two (2) of each animal may be kept. Remember to keep pets on a leash at all times when they are outside of your property and clean up after them.
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